This blog is for people that are interested in celebrity trends and would like to mimic them for less, or add there own twist. I post something practically everyday if not I come on everyday. I really love celebrities and fashion so that is why I have created this blog. I know times can be hard right now so that why I was obsessed with the idea of this blog. If you decide to follow thank you so much. I hope you can get something out of my blog. So all in all I hope you enjoy ♥♥ Karli
P.S. you may see some make- up tips as well, just giving you the heads up. Thanks again.

Styles That can be worn during any Season Under $40: (from asos)


1:$32.35 (asos)

2:$34.14 (asos)

3:$21.56 (asos)

4:$28.75 (asos)

5:$35.94 (asos)

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